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We're offering a number of services. Challenge us!

Promotion, Merchandising & Trading

Creativity and a customer-centred mindset are what makes us tick. We scent new trends and trendy articles early on through our continued presence on trade fairs. Our strength lies in finding products that are exactly right for our customers to achieve their promotional objective. Read more.

Full Service with

One system, many opportunities – tailor-made to your needs! Simplify your workflow and profit from full-service solutions that come with our user-friendly IT TOOLS. Read more.


Direkt Importing & Special Design

We've developed and groomed our exceptional international contacts for more than 20 years. Tap into a reliable, dense network of suppliers and manufacturers. We regularly visit producing countries and trade fairs in Far East to discover new trends, offers and collections for you, time and time again. Read more.

Logistics & Packing

Our software will be customised to your specific needs and offers maximum flexibility to optimise processes and solve them through technical programming. Read more.


Contract Packaging

One of our special areas is cost-effective, professional packaging of accessory parts and assembly components like bolts and nuts, dowels and other small parts. They will be wrapped in plastic bags with or without individual imprint – even for small batches. Read more.


Doming is a technical method for refining stickers or labels. In this process a crystal-clear, liquid resin is being applied to the printed adhesive-coated films and then cured with UV light. This decorative surface coating gives your print motif a brilliant, unique 3D look and makes the colours of your logo stand out. Read more.